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The church of the Holy Sacrament was built between 1510 and 1517 by the confraternity of the same name. In 1532 at the back of the church the confraternity built a hospital for poor and infirm women ("Spedale delle Donne inferme e povere"). The portico and floor above which housed an oratory dates back to1554.
Due to confiscation in Napoleonic times the church was closed and its contents were dispersed. It became the barracks of the National Guard followed by thePope's Voluntary Battaglion, the Civil Guards and finally became the Firemen's barracks. Restoration work was carried out in 1977-80 when it became an auditorium and civic centre.
In 2005 maintenance and restoration work was carried out again on the auditorium,with particular attention to structural work, wall finishings and paintwork. Work was also carried out to improve the acoustics, lighting and furnishings in line with modern requirements. Internet points have been installed as also mobile partitions in order to divide the space into smaller areas. The inner courtyard which connects the Auditorium to the Theatre and the Ocarina Museum has been equiped with benches and a gazebo.

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