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In 1615 the church was handed over to the Dominican friars who lived in a convent which had been built for them adjacent to the church. They remained there until the Napoleonic period when both the convent and the confraternity were suppressed. Today the ex convent is an old people's home. The church has a spacious portico with three archways dating back to the end of the 17th century. On the wall under the portico there are four alcoves with statues of St Dominic,St Thomas, St Rose and St Catherine and in the centre an image in high relief of Our Lady of the Assumption. These are works by unknown artists, dating from the end of the 17th to the beginning of the18th century.
Inside the church, which has a central nave and four chapels on each side separated by columns with intricate corinthian capitals, there are important works of art: a large altar picture called The Mysteries of the Rosary and Our Lady of the Assumption, both paintings by the Bolognese artist Alessandro Tiarini (1577-1688); St John the Baptist and St Peter the martyr by Francesco Albani (1578-1660); St Vincent Ferreri by Gaetano Gandolfi (1728-1781) and St Rose of Lima by the Budrio artist Gian Battista Caccioli (1623-1675).

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