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All that is needed for the professional puppeteer, in other words, puppet theatres and puppets, scenery and props, costumes and accessories, can be seen in this museum. There are more than over a hundred puppets on show from the first half of the twentieth century, made by Amilcare Gabrielli, Arturo Veronesi e Umberto Malaguti. puppet makers and puppeteers from Bologna.
In the "Casina del Quattrocento", a small 15th century house nearby, you can see themed exhibitions from the wonderful collection of puppets, marionettes, Scicillian marionettes, dolls houses, scenery, scenic props and documents belonging to the puppeteers Vittorio Zanella and Rita Pasqualini who also curate two very important events: "Puppetry at the Theatre" and the International Festival "Mani Parlanti".

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Via Garibaldi, 29
Via Mentana, 19
40054 Budrio (BO) Italy
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