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How is it possible that you can admire and appreciate precious paintings by Vitale da Bologna, Tommaso Garelli, Dosso Dossi, Bartolomeo Passerotti, Lavinia Fontana, Alessandro Tiarini, Gaetano Gandolfi, Giuseppe Maria Crespi and Alessandro Guardassoni in the art gallery in Budrio? Well, most of the paintings come from a donation made by Captain Domenico Inzaghi to the community of Budrio in 1824. It consists of a varied collection of works from the Bologna and Emilia area, dating from the XIV to XIX century, together with a large collection of drawings and prints, also part of the donation and enriched by later acquisitions.
The art gallery is housed in the historic “Participanza” (Consortium) building which also houses the “Consorziale” theatre. In the tower containing exhibits on the Risorgimento you can find further information on the history of Budrio.

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