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The theatre

The "Consorziale" theatre is situated in Via Garibaldi at no 39. It is a really perfectly conserved gem, built in 1672 by Paolo Sgarzi a rich citizen of Budrio who opened it to the public for balls and other events. It became the property of the Municipality of Budrio in 1802. After the Napoleonic occupation it was handed over to the "Partecipanza" (Consortium) hence its name "teatro Consorziale". The restoration in a neo classical style dates back to the beginning of the 19th century.
During the first World War the theatre became a dormitory for soldiers and refugees. Due to extensive damage it was completely rebuilt between 1926 and 1928 when the stage was also enlarged to its present day size. This was possible due to collaboration on the part of the town municipality and the fact that the members of the consortium gave up their profits for 5 years.
The more recent restoration work in 1986 has enhanced the whole building, while adhering to all the health and safety regulations in force at the present time, Today the theatre has seating for 562 people, divided up between 242 seats in the stalls, 220 in the two circles and 100 in the gallery.

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