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The North West tower is of a trapezoidal shape, the same as the South West t tower; both in fact were built in the 14th century between 1363 and 1379 by Cardinal Egidio Emilio Albornoz. The towers,  which have recently been restored together with a part of the remaining 14th century town walls near “Piazza Matteotti”, are now included in a new musem itinarary.
 In this tower you can see a collection of tools and equipment used for the production and cultivation of hemp in the territory around Budrio, a tradition which goes back a long way.
Hemp was for many years a very important form of production for the community and the presence of “maceri” (small ponds used to rot the fibre) still to be found in the countryside today, are a testimony to this. The hemp loom and the items on show, donated by families from Budrio and the surrounding villages, are used by volunteer workers to demonstrate weaving and spinning tecniques during fetes and local festivals.

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