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The South West tower is of a trapezoidal shape, the same as the North West t tower; both in fact were built in the 14th century between 1363 and 1379 by Cardinal Egidio Emilio Albornoz.
The towers, which have recently been restored together with a part of the remaining 14th century town walls near "Piazza Matteotti", are now included in a new musem itinarary. In this tower you can find the history of Budrio during the 19th century distributed on several floors.
On the ground floor there is an interesting large scale model.made by Giovanni Prati, an artisan from Budrio, which creates the walled town as it was at the end of the 19th century. On the 2nd and 3rd floors there is a collection of documents and items which refer to the "Risorgimento" period. Most of these have been donated by the Cocchi family in memory of Colonel Luigi Cocchi, an important "Risorgimento" figure from Budrio. From the top floor there is a wonderful view of the rooftops, the Water Towers complex and the round South East tower.

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