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Via Garibaldi is also known in Budrio as the "street of culture" due to the presence and proximity one to the other of the "Consorziale" Theatre, the Municipal Art Gallery, Archeological Museum, Ocarina and Puppet Museums and the Public Library. In the seventeenth century in the same period in which the church of St Domenic was built this street was called The Long Street of St Domenic because it passed through the town from east to west.
At the end of the eighteenth century the western part, which is now Via Mazzini, became Via dei Torlai while in 1882 Quirico Filopanti during a solemn public speech declared that the eastern part from Via Bissolati to Piazza Antonio da Budrio was to be named after the hero of Caprera (Garibaldi).
The first building on the corner, now number 1, was the home of Captain Domenico Inzaghi who commanded the pontiff's battaglion stationed in Budrio: in the wall you can still see an arrow slit which was used to shoot at enemies from a crossbow.

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