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The Augusto Majani municipal library is in Via Garibldi at no. 39, in the magnificent Buriani Dalla Noce building. It is named after Augusto Majani also called "Nasica", a well known painter, illustrator and cartoonist from Budrio. The origin of the library dates back to a donation of books by a local priest, Don Giuseppe Benedetti left to the town community in his will, executed in 1872.
The library contains over 35000 volumes altogether; 12600 were the historical archives of the "Partecipanza Consortium" which passed into the hands of the Municipality in 1931 and 24000 are the contemporary section of volumes.
The present day library is of a general nature with books on local history, novels, children's books, encyclopaedias, dictionaries and DVD.
The "Palazzo Buriani Dalla Noce" is a vast complex with two internal courtyards connected by an archway which carriages passed through in the 18th century. In 1989 restoration work was carried out on the beautiful frescoes to be found in the "Sala della Musica", "Sala di Giove" and "Sala di Diana", rooms named after the subjects depicted on the walls and ceilings. In 1727 this building, which is certainly one of the most elegant in Budrio, received James Stuart, The Old Pretender to the throne of England in exile, as a guest and evidence of this can be seen on a wooden plaque to be found in the library.

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Via Garibaldi, 39
Palazzo Boriani Dalla Noce
40054 Budrio (BO) Italy
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