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Giuseppe Barilli (1812-1895), also known under the pseudonym of Quirico Filopanti, was an Italian politician and mathematician from Budrio. He was active during the Risorgimento period and in 1849 contributed to the writing of the "Roman Republican Constitution".
After the fall of the Republic he fled to The United States and then later travelled to London. After the birth of the State of Italy and his return to the country, he had to abandon however his teaching position in mechanics at the University of Bologna due to his continual refusal to swear allegiance to the crown. In 1876 he was elected to parliament for the republican party.
In 1912, on the centenary of his birth,a committee was formed for the creation of a monument dedicated to Filopanti; it was presided over by Maestro Pietro Nanni, a friend of Quirico and fellow "Garibaldino" at Mentana. On 15th June 1913, amidst great festivities and speeches, the bronze statue by the sculptor Tullo Golfarelli was inaugurated in the centre of the main square which since 1895 had been named after Filopanti.
In June 2011 important restoration work was carried out on the monument. The dirt was removed from the statue but the original surface was left untouched as testimony of its age. Regarding the marble support, the holes left by aircraft machine guns during the second world war were only partially removed so as to leave historical evidence. The inscriptions at the base were restored to make them readable and the sandstone steps were treated and consolidated.

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