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The ocarina, a small unique terracotta globular flute, has made Budrio famous all over the world. Korea and Japan are envious of the invention of this small instrument which took place in our small country town in the province of Bologna. It was towards the middle of the 19th century that Giuseppe Donati made the first examples by hand.

In the museum, examples of ocarinas made by Giuseppe Donati, Cesare Vicinelli and Alberto Mezzetti help to tell the story and the fortunes of this instrument.The photographs, musical scores and records illustrate the story of the ocarina groups who perfected varied musical repertoires from the 19th century onwards up to the present day. A large section is dedicated to present day ocarina makers and to terracotta instruments from Budrio and other countries around the world.
Budrio also hosts a biennial International Ocarina Festival.

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